Welcome to BDS:
The specialists in immunoassay development.


At BDS, we provide large molecule bioanalytical services of the highest caliber to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Due to the complex nature of biologics, there is an art as well as science to immunoassays. Dr. Michael Anderson has over 10 years of CRO experience in development and validation of immunoassay methods. BDS, under the direction of Dr. Anderson, delivers unparalleled excellence in bioanalytical results. Equally advantageous is the fact that BDS has the expertise to develop reagents and custom assay methods to further your company’s drug development program irrespective of detection limits from 1pg/ml to 1mg/ml. BDS is a GLP-compliant immunoassay bioanalytical laboratory for preclinical and clinical development of biologics. These services include:

  • Selection of best assay format
  • Procurement of antibody reagents
  • Development and validation of immunoassays for:
    • Pharmacokinetics
    • Immunogenicity
    • Cell-based neutralizing antibody assays
    • Biomarkers

It is our commitment to ensure that our clients meet their timelines without any compromise in quality


BDS also develops reagents and de novo methods to:
  • Relieve your backlog
  • Accelerate drug development